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Rock Your Body

After my tricks and treats (you can find it here), I got a lot of emails and endless requests from my dear fashionistas asking how they should work a particular trend into their wardrobe keeping in mind their body shape, so here I prepared everything you need to know about your body shape. It is very important to know which body shape you have so you can start learning how to flatter your good assets and hide the areas you are not so proud of and believe me everyone has them :) 

As you well know body shapes come in all different sizes and no matter how tall,short, large frame or petite you are, you're ever so beautiful when you feel good and look confident with yourself and believe it or not clothes play a major part on how you feel. I know what you might be saying, I hear it all the time, OHH EMM GEEE doesn’t Jessica Alba look good I want to have her body,Well, Surprise Surprise all of the celebs we see gracing magazines are airbrushed & have an excellent stylist by their side 24x7 who knows what sins to hide to make them look stunning.

Unless you are ready to hire me and have me by your side 24x7 here are a few pointers that might help you, I targeted each and every body shape there is to help you out and make you understand more what to look for in a garment.

No.1 - Apple (Rounded Shape)

This body shape is round all over top and bottom, carrying extra weight in the tummy area. This type of figure must avoid chunky clothing such as tops or heavy sweaters that swim around your figure, long thick jackets and trousers that have pockets as these create extra bulk. This body shape is also found in men. One with this type of figure should gravitate towards v necks which elongate your body and have a natural slimming effect, choose fabrics that don’t cling to the body, the material should skim your body silhouette just enough to cover any sins.Light colours such as pastels are a definite NO NO unless it is very flowy and pleated. Anything that has round neck avoid as this will make you look much fuller than you really are and since summer is round the corner do not go for short shorts or short skirts. A-line & wrap dresses are a definite must have in your wardrobe.

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This is how I would dress a full figured woman, long tailored pants to elongate and slim her frame whilst having the pussy bow blouse forming a V at the neckline and keeping the bow hanging forms a horizonatal line  which helps slims your figure even more, adding a tailored blazer to the mix always does the trick, finishing off with a sexy red shoe to give it that little bit of punch..Awesome!

No.2 – Rectangle

The rectangle body shape is found in men and women, has no curves or waist. You can distract from the waist by creating curves and wearing belts, divert the attention to upper or lower body. Always remember to avoid boxy cut pants or gathered pants; it is inevitable to draw attention to your waist with rouching or detailing. Swirly prints create curves instantly, flared pants create va va voom curves and adding a tailored jacket create shape especially with darts at the side to cinch in the waist.

This boyish figure has no waist so you have to create one, this is done by wearing belts or in this case wearing a knotted shirt this will definately make you look like you have a waist since it falls directly on it, always remember to focus on your best assests in this case your legs  and arms that is why the patterned flowery shorts, bright coral flats and sleevless shirt. Havng bracelets and a fringed hand bag is not by chance, the bag will fall directly on your hips emphasising your legs, same holds for the bracelets, they will attract attention to your lower body, where you would want people to look.
If you've got nice legs and arms flaunt them  :)

No. 3 – Pear Shape (Triangle Shape)

The hip measurement will be largest with narrow shoulders and defined waist. Distract attention from the hips and focus on the smallest area which is the waist, weight is generally carried around hips and thighs so by adding volume in your upper body with hair, earrings or shoulder pads will instantly distract and balance out your figure. Best suitable style is A-line, wrap dresses, peplum and palazzo pants.

For this type of body shape you need to add volume on top with big hair and big earrings as you can see, the draping of the dress plays an important role, this dress adds volume in the bust area and nips in tightly at the waist, this effect helps you to look bigger from the chest area whilst balancing out your hips, making everything look well proportioned. Add sexy cat eye glasses, nice bright clutch to make your outfit pop and you're ready to paint the town red!

No. 4 – Diamond Shape

Diamond body shapes are opposite of an hourglass figure. The waste is thicker than the shoulders and hips. Therefore, dressing a diamond body shape is best done with clothing that creates balance. Adding volume to your shoulders and hips as well as fitted clothing at the waist creates perfect curves. This promotes flattering lines that are easy on the eye. Creating volume amongst your shoulders is important to balance out the thickest part of your waste. This can be accomplished with mild shoulder pads, such as those found in jackets. Blouses and other tops can have volume if you stick to scrunched sleeves that gather extra fabric or sleeves that are not fitted to your arms. In addition, square cut necklines or low circular necklines are the best to elongate the volume of your shoulders.

Colours are a simple way that can help you camouflage areas that you dont want to show, for instance here I paired up a dark purple pencil skirt with a bright orange blazer to add structure whilst adding the belt to define the waist and attract the eye to the upper part of the body, the necklace is big for this purpose also. I left the shoes in a nude shade since the outfit is so colourful and bright, adding a leopard print clutch makes the outfit look more sexy and fun.
No.5 - Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure is the most coveted figure by women, the shoulders and hips are balanced with a small defined waist. This figure is very well proportion. Belts always enhance this type of figure. Avoid boxy cuts that hide your shape. Horizontal patterns emphasises your figure, pencil skirts, empire waist tops and dresses are a must have in your wardrobe.

This figure is the easiest figure that I find to dress, you can wear almost anything and it will look good on you. I choose this dress because 1) I adore McQueen and 2) because of the pattern, if you look closely the pattern comes down your bust line and accentuates your waist emphasising the beautiful curves hourglass women are blessed with. Having everything else simple on purpose to draw the eye to the dress.

No. 6 – Wedge Shape (Inverted Triangle)

A wedge body shape carries the weight in their upper body. This shape can be found in men and women, in men it’s the most coveted body shape. Attention for women should be focused on the legs, this can be done by wearing V necklines, chunky bangles and bracelets divert attention to your wrist which is naturally close to the hip. Bright or bold shoes also distract from upper body. Avoid large lapels in men and women and shoulder pads also this will only make you look bigger. Women should avoid gathers at sleeves or horizontal lines on upper part and always remember to wear light bottoms and darker shades on top.

Since this kind of figure carries weight in the upper body a peplum skirt is perfect to create an illusion of wide hips to balance out the upper body, the colour also plays a role in this outfit having it in a light colour always helps, a light shade helps to make something look wider than it really is.The pattern on the shirt and the way the material flows will make anyone look smaller than they are, finishing off with 3 massive rings that fall against your hips and adding an orange clutch bag to the equation distracts from the upper body. A black sexy strappy heel is always a must have and Voila.

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Till next time ...

Love & Fashion,
Gayle xx

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